Investment projects in real estate

Property investments of any type are permanently in the first line of business investment plans. They require, however, very careful and extremely well-thought movements. Potential investors must examine carefully the location of the investment, taking under consideration its exact purpose as well as the prospects in the near area. In the same time the investor is required to pay attention to the market and other commercial factors that may influence it, so as to achieve a profitable investment. The market conditions, the amount of the rent, the use of the neighboring properties, may influence your investment and play a major role in the financial negotiations, which are vital to the ultimate performance of your investment.

Investments in Greece

One could argue that this is not the right time to make an investment in Greece due to the financial. Financial crisis, however, could generate prospects as long as one is at the right time at the right place in order to make the best out of them. Property value appreciation in the years of crisis significatly favour big investments in our country. Being constantly up to date regarding Real – Estate matters, our associates in Domgreek can help you trace these opportunities and realize your dream!!

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For Greece tourism is the most important factor for the prosperity of the economic life of our country. Therefore there is a growing interest in investments from businessmen within the tourism sector, who are active in the local as well as the international market. Major hotel establishments and house complexes for short period rental, have been built in Greece in the last few years, given the future performance of such investments that the investors are very well aware of before it becomes evident to the public eye. The comparatively low cost of living in Greece as well as the weather conditions in our country are appealing to many tourists throughout the year, thereby constituting a significant investment resource for local and foreign investors. However there are still many more unused areas, waiting for you to make your dream for a profitable investment come true, with the help of Domgreek’s expert associates.

Apart from the geographical position, morphology and history of Greece, which offers tourism investments in Greece a significant advantage, there are a few more factors, which constitute our country suitable for a profitable investment. Granting a residence permit to any investor, who will choose to make a long term investment in our country, is one of them. In addition following the signature of the New Law on Development, many bureaucracy matters have been simplified, and new investors do not need to spend money or time on special building permits. Moreover, all the investment programs currently in force in Greece facilitate such investments, since they can largely finance them. The potential investors, however, need to present a complete investment plan to the head of the investment program, in order to ensure financing. Our team of engineers and economists/tax consultants undertake the whole process of claiming the inclusion of your investment in the financial budget of such a program.

Domgreek & Our Activities

Domgreek is an agency that consists of many professionals from every sector (Lawyers, tax consultants, accountants, economists, engineers), in order to provide you with the appropriate support in every step of the investment attempt. Our agency undertakes the market research and the preparation of an integrated proposal to our clients for the purchase of land for professional use.

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We are near the investors in every step of the way, undertaking all the paperwork that needs to be carried out. We proceed to the issuance of the necessary building permission and the construction department of Domgreek undertakes the erection of the buildings, including the required power supply, water, gas, and telephone connections. Our agency’s cooperation with major insurance companies, help you find the packet that best suits your investment needs, so as to always be safe.

Our agency also offers you guidance after the realization of your investment and sees to the professional and successful promotion of your business in the local and international press (electronic or printed). Having established cooperation with major travel agencies in the to achieve the ongoing maintenance of your property, we come into contact with our clients, who wish to stay there. Transparency and honesty are the major characteristics of our agency that is way we stay in contact with you to keep you updated regarding the progress of your investment.

Domgreek finds the best opportunities and uses them along with you to achieve the best and most profitable investment!!!