“I would like to buy it, but I don’t have the cash...” How many times haven’t you used this phrase while planning the future? Whether you wish to buy a house for personal use or make an investment, your dream always comes to an end when it is time to pay the price. Domgreek is near you to fulfill your purpose of obtaining a roof to shelter your dreams !!! We provide you with all the necessary information regarding loans and funding, so as to find out together what suits your desires and needs.

Housing Loans

In case you are all wondering: The answer is yes. The banks grant loans for the purchase of a residence or business premises, with terms and conditions which defer in some points depending on the person interested, and the type of property, which requires further check and study, prior to contacting the Loans Department.

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The main loan categories, today, are the following:

  • Housing Loan at Variable Rate
  • Housing Loan at Fixed Rate
  • Housing Loan for foreigners [it refers to E.U. citizens, as well as citizens of the former Eastern Bloc, who live and work in their country, but they wish to buy a residence or business premises in Greece]
  • Housing Loans for Business Premises

Contacting each bank separately in order to gather information, which may also not be so accurate, is not the only way to find the appropriate residence for you and your family. Our agency provides you with the opportunity to examine your financial data together and find a lending program, which will best suit your needs and your payment ability. Our cooperation with major banking groups allows us to know the market and be in a position to protect our clients and offer them the right loan for them.

Business Activities

Investment programs seem to be gaining more ground in the past few years as an alternative to loans, in order to fund specific business and investment plans. Investment plans allow creditors, as much as the investors themselves, to study and trace the goals of the investment plan, the economic balance and decide on whether their investment will have the desired performance.

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Domgreek and our experienced associates stand near the new investors in order to conduct a rational and comprehensive study concerning the business activity you wish and along with all the necessary documents it is handed to the head of the business plan to go through the appropriate inspection for the adoption of financing decisions. Being in a position to have a good view of all the available investment plans enhances our ability to develop he appropriate business plan for you, therefore gaining our clients’ trust in this area.