The services provided by Domgreek are not restricted to the ones of a simple real estate agency, which undertakes the transaction processes (purchase/sell or rental). Our agency stands by your side upon choosing to make a purchase or sell and continues to provide you its services in the future as well, so as to help you realize your dream.


Regardless of the lapsed time space since your last purchase, Domgreek is always at your disposal for any information, you may need regarding your property. Renovation, construction (of villas, country houses, premises, and settlements) and property management are some of the main services provided by our real-estate agency.

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Moreover, Domgreek provides some additional services to the residents of foreign countries (or those who simply live far from their properties) and need someone to manage their properties with legality and solvency, and according to their best interest.

Purchase of Immovable Property by foreign residents

It is not unusual for Greek people who live abroad or foreign investors who wish to make an investment in Greece, not to find the necessary response, leaving the purchase of an immovable property in our country only a dream. The only thing you have to do, is contact Domgreek and our skilled associates (engineers, lawyers, notaries etc.) will always be near you to provide you with all necessary information regarding real estate and help you find the property, which will bring you closer to realizing your dream!!!

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Market Research

We are close to you from the moment you will chose to make your purchase in our country, by helping you organize your trip in Greece, including the travel arrangements regarding your stay (yours and your attendant’s) and your transport to the locations of the properties. Your transport within a distance of 100klm from Athens, is carried out without any additional charge, while those located within a greater distance than this are charged with 0,30€/klm, and additional charge for the tolls and the overnight stay of your attendant. Any other additional charge regarding your attendant is solely attributable to you. The accommodation and travel expenses regarding the potential buyers are solely attributable to the buyers, any charge, however, occurs from your attendant’s transport and accommodation shall be reimbursed to you, in the event that you decide to realize a purchase through our office!

Information on Real Estate Market and Price Negotiation

Our skilled and multilingual associates on Real – Estate provide consultation on issues regarding the Real –Estate Market and the investments in Greece, so as to ensure the healthy and profitable performance of your investment in Greece. In addition, our deep insight in the Real – Estate Market and our information on the short term and long term developments help our clients be aware of their investment’s performance in order to ensure and preserve its value, through its constant maintenance and utilization, depending on the current needs. Furthermore, the significant negotiating power of our associates help you achieve the best possible price for your property, so as to move within the market limits and ensure your best interest.

Completion of Purchase

Having found the property you are looking for, we carry on to the next phase, in which we ensure the legality of the whole process. Domgreek also undertakes the issuance of a 5year residence permit, upon acquisition of a property over 250000€ or long term tenancy and investment in Greece. The residence permit applies to all family members of the owner and requires renewal every 5 years. This way, they could travel freely to other countries within the Schengen zone.

Upon completion of purchase and for as long as you are away from your new property, our agency helps you with all necessary preparations in order to find everything ready when you return for your stay. Domgreek in cooperation with the transportation company organizes the whole relocation process, so as to find everything ready at your house and enjoy your stay in the best way!!!

Property Management

The concept of property management includes a wide variety of services, undertaken by our agency with consistency and legitimacy. Our services include the repair and maintenance of your property. In addition, we undertake the common areas management, bill paying, building security, and property cleaning including the common areas. Based on our experience and knowledge of Real-Estate Market, we suggest you the best solution for the utilization of your property, so that it will not be abandoned, but on the contrary it will be permanently active so as to maintain its value and performance.

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Property Tenancy

If you maintain a property in a different area from your permanent residence and you wish to rent it, our agency is at your disposal, to guide you through the safe utilization of your property. In particularly Domgreek helps you with selecting the appropriate tenant and drawing up the required tenancy agreement which will ensure the interests of both contracting parties. We also undertake the collection of the rent and the covering of the tenants’ potential needs and provide owners with ongoing and in time information for any matter regarding the property and the tenants.

Stable Income at any time

Letting and leasing of immovable property constitutes a growing income source for more and more property owners throughout Greece. The longterm, leasing, however, of a luxurious property may turn out to be a difficult investment since the cost for the tenant/lessee may at times not be affordable. For this reason, if you are the owner of a furnished luxurious property and you wish to rent it, Domgreek can help you obtain a stable income, maybe even more than the one you would achieve by a long-term leasing. Our agency can promote your immovable property and suggest it to everyone, who wishes to spend their vacation in Greece, staying at a beautiful villa. Contact us to organize a meeting for the promotion of your immovable property aiming at a short rental period, so as to maintain it rentable and earn a steady income every week!!!


Upon acquisition of your property, your dream has already been realized... So is it possible to let your dream unprotected against natural disasters, thefts, or fire? Domgreek in cooperation with the most prominent insurance companies offers consultation regarding the insurance packet that covers your needs.

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In addition, although the level of violence and crime in Greece does not seem to be particularly high, more and more owners choose to install a security system in order to secure their properties. Our agency helps you discovering your needs regarding the level of safety you would prefer for your property so as to select the appropriate security system, and undertakes its functional control after the installation. We also maintain cooperation with security companies, and we are able to provide our clients with an integrated security packet for your property.

Maintain Luxury during your vacation!

If you wish to spend your vacation in the Land of Olympic Gods and enjoy the prestige and the luxury offered to you in a country where the sun shines 300 days a year, Domgreek is there to help with this choice as well.

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Why should you choose the usually impersonal services of a hotel and not choose to enjoy the magic atmosphere of the Greek landscape as if you are at home? Our agency provides you the opportunity to choose the villa of your dreams and spend some days at piece. The only thing you have to do is inform us on the location you wish to spend your vacation as well as the arrival and departure dates and we will be there to help you find the property that best suits your needs, in order to enjoy the vacation you really deserve carefree!