Property Renovation

If you are interested in acquiring a brand new property without spending much money you can proceed to the renovation process, which offers a refreshed look to the interior and the exterior of the property. Domgreek, with the help of our skilled engineers and technicians shapes the space according to your needs and desires, maintaining the good taste and the luxury you wish.

Property Renovation

In particularly in case of an investment property, that needs to be permanently utilized, one has to constantly try to maintain its value, offering the appropriate impression for the property according to the evolution and the needs of the market. In summary we renovate your space to maintain its’ overvalue. Our agency, helps you maintain the luxury that your property deserves!!!

The renovation phases

Regardless of whether it is small scale or major renovation contacting our associates in Domgreek will give them the opportunity to visit your space and in cooperation with you, will suggest you potential solutions for the renovation of your house, store, or office. The autopsy at your space, and the study of the changes that need to be made, constitute the first stage of the renovation process.

Upon choosing the appropriate property, our engineers in Domgreek, present you the drawings and their offer for the renovation, in order to choose the most suitable solution for your financial abilities. Our presentation is facilitated through drawings, and photorealistic imaging, so that the client can have a clear impression of the result. Upon agreement to the plan that is to be followed, we specify the timeline that is determined according to the level of intervention on the property, fulfilling the next phase of the process.

The material that is to be used, are selected according to the specialized knowledge of our associates in Domgreek, in full cooperation with our clients. Your personal space, whether this is your house or your place of work, must be developed according to your personal taste. Therefore in this stage of renovation our agency suggests to you a variety of materials appropriate for your property, according to your needs and desires.

Upon selecting the materials we start the renovation process, while our associates in Domgreekmaintain a frequent contact with the location where the operation will be performed, supervising the progress that has been made and solving any problem that may arise with ultimate professionalism.

Renovation is completed when the client has checked the result and has asserted that everything has been done according to the plans, agreed in the first stage.

Domgreek renovates your space

Renovation constitutes a process that may incure several problems, if not planned carefully from the beginning. This is why it is required to ask for the immediate intervention of professional experts for the direct and appropriate development of your residence or working place. Domgreek can be near you in your efforts to alter your personal space, under the guidance of experienced technicians and civil engineers who develop a new environment for you.

The expert engineering department of Domgreek consists of civil engineers, architects, electricians and technicians of all specialties and is in a position to provide its clients renovation services with the most up-to date technical means. The continuing training of our engineers and technicians (of all specialties) regarding the development in the construction industry, allows them to be informed about the current needs in the Real-Estate Market and be ready to respond at any of your desires!!! Credibility and speed constitute basic criteria for us, in order to complete the renovation process within the agreed time schedule and according to the desired results.

Services we undertake:

Domgreek undertakes all stages required for the complete renovation of your property. In particularly we undertake the following works:

    • Visit your space and make sure it appropriately depicted
    • We plan the interior and exterior design and prepare the appropriate drawings and photorealistic images
    • We estimate the cost of the work
    • We organize the works and the choice of the materials
    • We supervise the works and see to the delivery of the project within the agreed time schedule.

The variety of works undertaken by our agency, also include any alteration in the interior or exterior space of your property.

      • Demolition of parts of the masonry wherever necessary and installation of new partitions (with gypsum plasterboards).
      • Alteration/ Replacement of plumping/water and electrical installations.
      • Floor Alteration/ Replacement/ maintenance.
      • Any type of insulation.
      • Paintings.
      • Replacement of interior and exterior casings (aluminium, security doors etc).
      • Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation (including carpentry including the replacement of sanitary goods).
      • Fireplace Installation/ Replacement.
      • Interior design.
      • Landscape Architecture/ Exterior Design (garden).
      • Renovation of the external side of the building.
      • Security System Installation.

The energy efficiency of the buildings is a matter that draws the attention of more and more experts in the construction industry as well as the property owners. Our agency undertakes all the works required to turn your property to a building of low energy consumption. In some cases renovation requires the issuance of special planning permission. Domgreek undertakes the whole procedure so as to spear you from the whole trouble!

Contact with us

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