Property purchase

Every property has an owner!!!! You can also find what suits you best for your needs in order to make your dream come true! A purchase is considered successful, when it combines the desires and the needs of the owner. Therefore it is not difficult to find what you are really looking for by going through some particular stages, required for the fulfillment of a proper purchase.

Property purchase

There are particular steps that must be followed in order to make a successful purchase and some issues that every buyer has to be aware of and carefully review so as to preserve the safety of their investment. Domgreek stands by its clients in all these phases and undertakes the whole process of the purchase, in absolute cooperation with them in order to achieve the most advantageous solution.

Market Research

First of all, the most important step regarding the purchase of a property is the integrated market research. Think about the time that you will be spending in this house with your family and you will realize immediately that this should not be a careless decision. A market research must include all the available properties, so that with Domgreek’s to find the right property for you. The variety of properties undertaken by Domgreek, our cooperation with major real estate agencies, and the help provided by our collaborators, are some of the most important factors that contribute to the purchase of a property that fits your desires and needs!

Price Agreement

The next phase of the purchasing process has to do with the price agreement. It is not rear to find a gap between the price offered and the demanded price. Which of the two is the right one? Having undergone a thorough research in the previous phase, with our help, you will be able to choose the right price for the desired property. The area, the position of the property, and the market in this area, are some of the characteristics that should be reviewed within the previous phase, and finally determine the price of the property. Based on the up to date negotiating abilities of our collaborators we are in a position to make the best possible bargain in order to achieve a price agreement for the desired estate. Whether it is destined for personal use or a professional investment, Domgreek is always near you to make sure that the efficiency of your property will remain as high throughout the years. We also take under consideration the long-term utilization of the property area in order to present you an integrated approach of the area and the “value” of the area in order to be aware of the property’s price at any time. Moreover, for a successful purchase we strongly recommend you to focus on real estates, which are currently under construction or even on untapped land areas, since their value is significant lower than the equivalent value of finished project. Contact Domgreek now, and let us help you find the house of your dreams, each of us deserves, because in Domgreek we strongly believe that luxury doesn’t cost and everyone is entitled to it!!!

Title Search

After the price agreement, we realize a title search in land registry. Our lawyers are at your disposal in order to receive all the appropriate documents, regarding the title deeds of the chosen property and proceed to the supervision thereof. Our lawyers check the title deeds in case of an encumbrance or any other matter that could further complicate the purchase phase, in order to proceed to the next phase which relates to the delivery of a deposit, which typically – and under no circumstances materially- both parties of the agreement. The deposit ensures that the seller is typically committed not to promote the property to any other buyer – for as long as the purchase agreement is being prepared- and that the buyer accepts and agrees to the purchase price and the current condition of the selected property. At this point it must be pointed out that the deposit is reimbursed to the buyer in the event that the purchasing process is interrupted, for reasons attributable to the seller. In any other case the seller holds no obligation for reimbursement.

Property Technical Control

Apart from the supervision of the title deeds, our civil engineers also check the quality of the property’s construction in order to issue the necessary certificates for the next phase of the purchasing process. The energy performance certificate and the certificate of legality are the two basic certificates that are issued along with the contour plan (if there is one) and the sheet of cadastre as well as any other document required for the complete authentication of the property. Domgreek’s civil engineers are at your disposal in this phase too, in order to complete this phase of the purchasing process in the fastest way and with the appropriate legitimacy. Our civil engineers can also help you with other aspects of this process, such as the implementation of the planning regulations in the said area in case of unplanned building projects (which subject to the Law on 4 Acres or falls into a special category), information regarding future planning of the broader region, or the implementation of the forest service provisions in case of a property located in a former forest area. Moreover there are plenty of archaeological findings in various locations throughout Greece. The inspection of the property by the National Service for Archaeological Heritage is absolutely necessary in order to make the right decision regarding the purchase of the property.

Final Transfer Process

The next phase relates to the payment of the transfer of property tax, as specified in the new tax payment system of our country. At this point, it should be noted that the said tax has been decreased from 10% to 3%, what makes the purchase of property in in Greece most advantageous. Finally the notary proceeds to the construction of the purchase agreement, in order to be signed be both of the contracting parties so that it can be transcribed to the land registry in charge.

!!! Your dream has just come true!!!

Exactly the same process applies also for the residents of foreign countries who are interested in purchasing a property in Greece. However in this case it will be necessary to present some additional information. Our skilled and multilingual personnel in Domgreek can provide you with the appropriate help in order to complete your investment with safety. The only thing you have to do is contact us!!!

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