Assignment – Sale

If you are the owner of a property (private owner or Construction Company) and you wish to sell it, Domgreek and our team of skilled and experienced collaborators will be pleased to stand by your side in this effort. You are welcome to contact us in order to organize a meeting, so as to get to know you and your property and develop a promotion campaign for your property.

Assignment – Sale

The Importance of the price

The mean time for the sale of a property is determined to 5-7months, which may vary at times. Over-evaluation the property is one of the main reasons for the delay of sale. Therefore the appropriate evaluation of your property is necessary before we proceed to any other activity. There are sellers who tend to believe that the over-evaluation of their property will automatically lead them to the achievement of a better price. This is actually not true, since over-evaluated properties may lose the biggest part of their value and in combination with the money lost within the time left until the sale of the property, and lead to a greatest loss. Besides, over-evaluated property does not draw the attention of any serious investor. A particularly high price may cause the same unpleasant results as a particularly low price. In this context, the first step that should be made towards a successful sale is the rational assessment of your property, by conducting an in-depth market investigation, which is carried out by our skilled engineers, according to all legal – written processes, in order to determine the appropriate price for your property.

If you choose Domgreek for the promotion of your property, we offer you a significant discount on our commission from the sale by 70% of the estimated price.

Cooperation Agreement

The first thing you have to decide is the type of cooperation with our company, which can be assigned to us either by a so called ''open'' or non-exclusive assignment order, by which you can also assign the promotion of your property to other companies without time limitation, of you can choose an exclusive cooperation for a fixed-term (which is specified in cooperation with our clients).

Why should I choose Domgreek for an exclusive cooperation?

The benefits of an exclusive cooperation are clearly more significant than those of an open or non-exclusive cooperation. An exclusive co-operation entails a much more professional approach to the whole process from all interested parties. Think of hard and tiring it will be to have to contact many real -estate agencies for the promotion of your property and how much harder it is to keep an eye on the proper promotion of your property. “The more agencies involved, the more chances I have to get a good deal”, is a phrase many sellers use to deny an exclusive cooperation. At this point we would like to stress out that the purchasing power is the same and it increases depending on the number of companies managing the promotion of the property... In other words the interested parties will be given the appropriate attention, as it will be emerging in the search list of different agencies, which is not particularly beneficial to the property. On the contrary, in most of the cases your property loses part of its purchasing and mostly it’s negotiating power. Besides, our agency works together with any asset management company (in Greece and abroad) would like to bring a valuable buyer in contact with us. Moreover, don’t forget that the sale /rent of your property require delicate handling and not a variety of publications by different agencies. At this point, we should also point out that upon conclusion of an exclusive cooperation, the real-estate agency is bound and obliged to the direct, immediate and integrated promotion of your property, through a specific promotion program appropriately adjusted to your needs. In combination to our overall services, Domgreek provides exclusively to its customers an integrated promotion program, in order to achieve the best results possible.

Which documents do we need from you for the conclusion of an exclusive cooperation agreement?

  • The titles of ownership
  • Display of the property (contour plan, registration in cadastre, floor plans etc.).
  • Complete description of the property – there is no possibility of proper promotion for your property if we are not aware of the full details regarding the property.
  • Photographic display of the property– photographs constitute an important means of promotion of your property, therefore it requires a professional approach and detailed results. Our agency could introduce you to professional photographers who will see to the appropriate presentation of your property.

Upon delivery of the required documents, we proceed to the construction and signing of the exclusive cooperation agreement by the contracting parties, in which we clearly and accurately determine the rights and obligations thereof, the term of the agreement (term of cooperation) and our agency’s remuneration

Property Promotion

Τhe integrated promotion of your property becomes effective upon signature of the exclusive cooperation agreement. We see to the promotion of your property in the local and the international market, through our website, as well as major websites for asset management with which we are in cooperation for the best possible promotion of your property. We promote the characteristics of your property using advertising signs, and letters, which are sent to all of our clients. The printed form of promotion is not restricted to letters, but in some case we also use the local and national press for the better promotion of your property. Following detailed consultation with our clients we also use radio commercials. Moreover we also enhance the chances of finding a buyer by participating in international exhibitions for the promotion of real estate. In special cases, Domgreek, may also undertake the organization of an event party at your estate, inviting all the potential buyers, so that they can visit the place and get a “live view” of it. This event is provided to our clients without additional charge. The guests are offered a beverage or a drink and they can wander around the property, in an attempt to feel “at home” in it and maybe present a better offer.

Our collaborators will be in constantly in touch with you for your detailed information on the promotion phase of your property.

Stable Income at any time

Letting and leasing of immovable property constitutes a growing income source for more and more property owners throughout Greece. The longterm, leasing, however, of a luxurious property may turn out to be a difficult investment since the cost for the tenant/lessee may at times not be affordable. For this reason, if you are the owner of a furnished luxurious property and you wish to rent it, Domgreek can help you obtain a stable income, maybe even more than the one you would achieve by a long-term leasing. Our agency can promote your immovable property and suggest it to everyone, who wishes to spend their vacation in Greece, staying at a beautiful villa. Contact us to organize a meeting for the promotion of your immovable property aiming at a short rental period, so as to maintain it rentable and earn a steady income every week!!!

Submit your own property

If you are inetrested in Assignment – Sale, don’t hesitate to contact us now, so as to find the most suitable option for you.

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