Property investments in Greece present sustained growth, with the purchasing and sale of residences and professional spaces being in the center of interest in everyday discussions. Looking for a property you can find what suits your needs best, but none of them will reflect your personal style and taste. So why should you buy a property, that was not constructed by you instead of building your own?


The Advantages of Construction

Choosing to buy a plot of land to build your own property seems to entail not only financial but also quality benefits. Deciding to purchase a plot of land or a property that is still in design phase allows you to make the appropriate interventions and choices so as to build you property according to your personality and taste. You can decide upon the interior and exterior design of your space according to your needs and see to the appropriate selection of materials so as to reflect the luxury that you require! You don’t have to compromise for things you don’t like (as you may have to do in case of a turnkey property) because everything will be done according to your choice.

In addition, buying a property, which is under construction, seems the most economically advantageous solution. Buying a turnkey property is clearly a more expensive choice, since the value of the property is higher than that of a property under, which means that the cost of buying a property in the first case is higher than in the second case. In addition, the property transfer tax is not chargeable on the buyer for the property built on the lot (since the buyer has already paid a significant lower tax upon acquisition of the lot). In addition the buyer is not required the lump-sum payment of the costs, as there is an opportunity of paying by installments, upon the completion of each phase of the construction.

Domgreek and construction

The size, the geographical position and morphology of our country have favored the existence of many areas suitable for construction, which helps you trace the plot of land you desire, in the area you desire. In Greece it easy to find a property overlooking the mountains or the sea and Domgreek is there for you, guide you through your desires and needs so as to acquire the appropriate lot for the construction of your property.

Domgreek will be there for you with a skilled group of technicians (civil engineers, topographers, architects) to help you realize your dream, by undertaking the construction of your residence, office, store, country house, as well as larger scale projects such as hotel facilities and commercial buildings. Expert engineers and technicians of Domgreek in every specialty undertake all stages of construction from the design to the erection of the building based on quality, time and cost, because in Domgreek we know very well that luxury does not need to cost much, and everyone is entitled to it!!!

In Domgreek we undertake the whole property planning, and together we find the best possible solutions for you, in order to develop the final design, and present it to you be means of architectural designs. Having understood your needs and desires, our engineer department presents to you the architectural drawings, regarding the design of your property (architectural, plans held by the land register, mechanical and electrical plan design). Domgreek, provides you a photorealistic imaging of the space (3d), in order to acquire a more specific view on the various design details in every stage of the construction, so as to be fully aware of the works and the results while your property is being under construction.

So you have the possibility to make any corrections or changes you desire, by adjusted the plans according to your taste and needs (even if you are staying abroad). Apart from the presentation of the drawings we also determine the time schedule of the construction work as well as the financial budget for the whole project, so that are fully aware of the exact construction cost without any secret charges.

Our agency also undertakes the resolution of any pending matters at the town planning service, in order to ensure the legality of the construction and the issuance of a building permission for your property. Our technical department also provides you a complete construction program, and carries out all the necessary connections to the public utility networks (HEDNO, water and sewerage companies, telephone companies) so as to deliver a turnkey property and spear you from all bureaucracy.

Luxury Services

Domgreek provides you with the necessary luxury that best suits your place, using materials of high quality and pulling through all the technical procedures in order to acquire the house of your dreams, at the best price for you. We provide for you throughout the construction phase and in the future, using eco-friendly materials, with multiple advantages for your property and the environment, as we can achieve significant energy consumption 50% on your property in comparison to any other building.

The property’s appearance is as important as its interior design, there landscape architecture is one more service provided by our agency, in order to enjoy your stay. In Greece in particularly, where the sun shines for the biggest part of the year it is reasonable for someone to spend a lot of time at the outdoor spaces of the property. Landscaping is facilitated through architectural designs, drawn with ultimate professionalism by the technical department of Domgreek.

The particularly large range of Greek coastline allows us to be near the sea whenever we want. However, who wouldn’t like to enjoy swimming without having to move away from home? Our construction team in Domgreek is ready to help you, by undertaking the study for the construction of a pull, in order to enjoy peaceful moments of relaxation with your family. The pool’s shape, quality and size may vary, but together with our technical team you can find the right model for you.

Finally, security plays the most important role for us in Domgreek. All services provided to our clients by our agency, include the safety of the building as well as our associates. Therefore Domgreek provides full insurance coverage (against fire, labor accident, floods etc) for as long as the construction works are carried out in your property (with an average time of a year) in cooperation with major insurance companies without any additional charge.

Contact us and let us realize your dream to acquire a property with the luxury that you deserve!!!!

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